Prairie Style Homes

Prairie Style Homes in Trend Again

Prairie housing plans have major emphasis on the actual needs of people without much show off. These houses are made in a way to serve all the major needs of living persons as well as pets like french bulldogs  which are friendly and also serve the purpose of security of houses, without emphasizing much on the house design or outer look.

The idea of these houses was developed by Frank Lloyd Wright from the American Midwest area. He was the believer of fulfilling actual needs of people and used Victorian Architectural style with the ideas of artistic concepts followed in 19th century. Prairie style focused on giving the whole ground floor area to be one room and the outside appearance of house was based on the actual inner usage.

Prairie Style Homes


The concept was well appreciated among other architects and Prairie styled homes was preferred and it also inspired America Foursquare Style. Prairie styled homes was inspired by Japanese architecture and prints. The center of focus were living and dining area as Wright always preferred to promote family life and bond between all family members. There is open space for entertainment and the outside area showed huge glass windows to form a wall.

Geometric patterns were preferred by Wright with horizontal orientation. Prairie houses had simple, highly functional and in-built furniture for the entire required purpose fulfillment. The decoration in the houses is functional and simple in all the aspects. There are simple and durable concepts used for showing up the character of wood.

The drawback of Prairie houses is that the center is living or dining area, but people prefer kitchen as the center of house. This style was widely followed in Midwest areas; especially in Illinois and Wisconsin. Prairie homes are getting popular now also due to ecological friendliness and utilization of space. There are many molded options for Prairie style homes with the exact requirements of people. You can utilize the space by getting the most appropriate design of house and living life completely as desired.